The residential care home is a majestic yet homely mansion house, sitting comfortably alongside the owner occupied assisted living retirement apartments at Willow Court. All are set within a thriving village in a dream location, with seven acres of creative landscaping and as you enter the village you are greeted by impressive garden vistas.

An enriched lifestyle awaits as the many Village amenities, full leisure programme and the chance to forge friendships affords you new and exciting opportunities. Our full social calender includes art classes, live music, quiz clubs, choir group and outings to local events.

Life can be as you wish at Campion Gardens, getting up at whatever time you choose and with whatever assistance you may need. You can buy breakfast via room service or be waited on at the restaurant. You can but the morning newspaper in person from the shop or have it delivered.

During the morning, take tea or coffee with friends, and, weather permitting, walk the gardens. Enjoy a snack at lunch at the café or the full works in the restaurant. The regular daily lunch or dinner is on offer at the residents dining rooms or through room service.

All this comes with whatever assistance is needed to help you lead as fulfilling a life as possible.

A package of care is tailored to meet individual clinical, physical and social needs. You may feel that Campion Gardens care needs will outweigh the capacity of individuals to enjoy many of facilities available. Whether involvement is active or passive, their very existence is stimulating and goes hand in glove with the serious work of residential care. Empathy and a recognition of personal limitations enables staff to help residents get the most from life.

Carers are highly skilled. Ongoing training features prominently with a fully qualified trainer working as part of a team.We believe in nurturing the talents of our staff. We are committed to helping them achieve their goals and were the first in the UK to receive the prestigious Investors in People award (IIP) recognizing out commitment to developing employees to provide the best quality services.

Those who may benefit from a short break, with support, can convalesce in our 5* hotel style accommodation. Our ethos is to provide exemplary care in a luxury setting, and for residents who live here permanently, to ensure they live life to the full within a buzzing community.


My cousin was an ex-headmistress and quite a critical person. When her health failed I had to find a nursing home for her. I could not have picked a better place. She has never complained. Could not have had better treatment. The last days of her life have been happy and very well cared for. Exceptional.

Jean B

To Nicola, Liz and all the team at Campion Gardens. This is just a short note to say thank you so much for your care and support to Dudley during his time with you. Knowing he was in such capable hands made our lives much less stressful. The support you gave us was immense.

Susan and Hugh

My father has been in Campion for almost three years. I've been very impressed with the care he has received, particularly since he is bed-bound; his skin is remarkably intact. He eats very little, but the staff are always willing to cater to his tastes. Before Campion, he lived alone. I live 200 miles away and it is great to be able to relax in the knowledge that he is receiving the best of care.

Ann Seward

We have found the environment and care our Mum receives to be second to none! She is happier than she has been for years. What impresses us most is Mum is treated as an individual; the staff have really made the effort to get to know her and accommodate her wishes as well as her needs. Campion Gardens really has become her home and we are happy to recommend

George Martin

When my mother came in she was extremely weak, bad tempered, had skin problems and was hardly eating or drinking. I witnessed a remarkable change in my mother's demeanour over the first couple of weeks. She became more alert, regained her sense of humour, started enjoying the food and even learnt a little welsh. I was amazed that my mother started reading again ....

Nigel Finkel

I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and support through some difficult times. It is refreshing to work with (and know) someone who provides the utmost in professionalism and genuine kindness. I would highly recommend your company’s services to anyone who is concerned for their loved ones care.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for all of the help. My brother and I would not have known where to turn at times without your knowledge and assistance. Your caregivers and assistance you have provided for my mother Lory, through her transition, and my father Bobby who is under your care currently.

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The older population is increasing and living longer. Giving thought to our well-being later in life can be a sensitive issue. Taking steps now can help to keep control over choices that may need to be made in the future.

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We cater our care & support services carefully to each individual

At Campion Gardens we take care of what’s important to ensure a rich and healthy life for our residents.