Receiving mail and postcards may seem to be thing of the past but we’re thrilled to have signed up to Postcards Of Kindness. The scheme has over 20,000 active members who send postcards to residents in Care Homes. Campion Gardens is now registered as one of several Care Homes across the UK that is happy to have people write to us.

The postcards aim to encourage residents to remember the holidays they had been on as children or with their own young families while stimulating conversations and inspiring happiness. We hope it will help build ties with the community and the wider world.

Only a few days ago we signed up to Postcards of Kindness. We hoped that some may come in after a few weeks. We’re thrilled that beautiful postcards have already arrived! They’ve been gladly received from our residents and we are loving hearing about the goings-on of the people who have kindly taken the time to write to us.

We’ll surely find somewhere to display them and any others that get sent to us.

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