We are thrilled to have Pebbles Nursery as a welcome addition to the village. Pebbles encourages their children to interact with each other, their dedicated staff members, enabling them to learn and grow through play and fun. By promoting relationship building and self-expression through physical, emotional and educational activities designed to make the children confident and content.

Their ethos ties in perfectly with our ambition to create a happy, healthy and stimulating environment for our residents to live and thrive in. Intergenerational socialisation benefits everyone involved, and having such charming children on site meant only one thing, play time!

We had a wonderful afternoon that included balloon games, feeding our resident fish, colouring in, snack time and of course lots of chatting.

The children were kind enough to give our residents their beautiful drawings to put up in the sitting room. We look forward to welcoming the children from Pebbles back regularly for a play dates again very soon!

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