Exercise Classes – a big hit!

Due to the continued success of the exercise classes at Willow Court they have recently enlisted the support of a new fully REPs qualified Personal Trainer, Ian Grove. Apartment owners and the local community now have a choice of female instructor on a Monday (Jan), or a male instructor (Ian) on a Thursday – or both!

Exercise has a hugely positive effect on your overall health at any age, but in later life it can extend both the length and the quality of your life. Breakage of bones from trips, slips and falls is certainly one of the biggest dangers. Diminishing density of bones, or osteoporosis is commonplace, which means that the odds of bones breaking is greatly increased at those times that falls happen. Some semblance of equilibrium and balance can be maintained by exercising regularly. Regular exercise also improves circulation which helps to increase healing and recovery times when injured or ill, and improve mobility.

Classes start at 3pm every Monday and Thursday, and are open to all at a cost of £3 per person. To reserve your space please phone 01792 235200.

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