Frank turns 100 Years Old

On 14th August 2017 Frank Thomas turned 100 years old! Frank’s daughter, Ann wrote a lovely piece about his party celebrations which featured in the evening post this week (which he was very very pleased about!!). This is what Ann had to say about this momentous occasion:

‘He celebrated his one hundredth birthday on 14th August 2017. The day before his birthday “Horton” threw a tea-party for him in the Village Hall, scene of many a party he himself had organised over the years; curry evenings, fondue evenings, all sorts of games evenings as well as the regular events like the Harvest Supper. The birthday party was attended by around 80 villagers, family, art friends and scouting friends. Most were local to Swansea and Gower though several travelled from the wilds of England to share his special day. Although he has been bedridden for the last three years, the delightful staff at Campion managed to persuade him that he would be able to attend the party, trained him up so that he was used to the special chair they brought him in, and laid on a minibus and 2 carers, Hilary and Simon (Simon also doubled up as driver and photographer for the day), who took him to Horton in the Willow Court bus. He was greeted with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to You, and then spent an exhausting 90 minutes being greeted by everyone there. After blowing out the candle on his cake (which was kindly sourced by Liz at Campion), with help from his two great grandsons, Alfie and Frankie, he was toasted in Prosecco, and enjoy

ed a glass himself before being returned to Campion.

He was pretty tired on his actual birthday, but enjoyed the opening of a whole raft of presents and cards. Pride of place, naturally, goes to the Queen’s missive which is now framed and hanging on his bedroom wall in Campion Gardens.’

Frank has lived with us for the past 3 years. He is a very intelligent and witty man, and an extremely talented artist. He has a fascinating history and is the most charming gentleman you’ll meet. He enjoys a glass of Whiskey every day and always give a wink to the ladies – maybe this is the key to a long and happy life! We feel so honoured to have been give the opportunity to care for such a wonderful man.

Happy Birthday Frank, from us all at Campion Gardens xxx



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