My Home Life

At Campion Gardens we believe in a focus on home life as set out below:


  1. Maintaining identity – Finding out about residents’ backgrounds and life history, to enable us to create connections.
  2. Creating community – maintaining links with local community organisations, ensuring residents have access to local facilities.
  3. Sharing decision making – Encouraging residents, relatives and friends to participate in establishing their own plan of care, and feeding back to us on how we’re doing. Fostering open and honest communication. Giving you a say in what goes on!

Giving residents opportunities to take part in meaningful activities so they can enjoy leisure time doing whatever they wish.


  1. Managing transition – Welcoming residents to the home, helping them to settle in and encouraging them to meet new people and participate in various activities and entertainments on offer.
  2. Improving health and healthcare – Ensuring that residents receive the best quality care and support from staff and external professionals, i.e. Doctors, Dieticians, chiropodists etc.
  3. Supporting good end of life – Assisting those who are dying with sensitivity and compassion, ensuring they are comfortable and their wishes in relation to end of life planning are respected. Also offering families care and support and helping them to deal with their loss.


  1. Keeping the workforce fit for purpose – Ensuring there are enough staff on duty to meet the needs of the residents and that they are fully trained in all aspects of care, including specialist areas such as taking blood, skin integrity, nutrition and many more
  2.  Promoting positive culture – Making sure staff treat residents with the dignity and respect they deserve, recognising that we are all individuals and should be given the opportunity to make decisions and choices. Respecting that Campion Gardens is ‘home’ for our residents and that we are a family.

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