The Senses

The Senses

At Campion Gardens we believe in creating relationships with our residents and their families. Our Managers have looked into various ways of achieving this, and we use the ‘Senses Framework’ as set out below:

A Sense of Security

• For older people: Attention to essential physiological and psychological needs, to feel safe and free from threat, harm, pain and discomfort. To receive competent and sensitive care.

• For staff: To feel free from physical threat, rebuke or censure. To have secure conditions of employment. To have the emotional demands of work recognized and to work within a supportive but challenging culture.

• For family carers: To feel confident in knowledge and ability to provide good care without detriment to personal well-being. To have adequate support networks and timely help when required. To be able to relinquish care when appropriate.

A Sense of Continuity

• For older people: Recognition and value of personal biography; skilful use of knowledge of the past to help contextualize present and future. Seamless, consistent care delivered within an established relationship by known people.

• For staff: Positive experience of work with older people from an early stage of career, exposure to good role models and environments of care. Expectations and standards of care communicated clearly and consistently.

• For family carers: To maintain shared pleasures/pursuits with their loved one. To be able to provide competent standards of care, whether delivered by self or others, to ensure that personal standards of care are maintained by others, to maintain involvement in care across care environments as desired/appropriate.

A Sense of Belonging

• For older people: Opportunities to maintain and/or form meaningful and reciprocal relationships, to feel part of a community or group as desired.

• For staff: To feel part of a team with a recognized and valued contribution.

• For family carers: To be able to maintain/improve valued relationships, to be able to confide in trusted individuals to feel that you’re not ‘in this alone’.

A Sense of Purpose

• For older people: Opportunities to engage in purposeful activity facilitating the constructive passage of time, to be able to identify and pursue goals and challenges, to exercise discretionary choice.

• For staff: To have a sense of therapeutic direction, a clear set of goals to which to aspire.

A Sense of Achievement

• For older people: Opportunities to meet meaningful and valued goals, to feel satisfied with ones efforts, to make a recognized and valued contribution, to make progress towards therapeutic goals as appropriate.

• For staff: To be able to provide good care, to feel satisfied with one’s efforts, to contribute towards therapeutic goals as appropriate, to use skills and ability to the full.

A Sense of Significance

• For older people: To feel recognized and valued as a person of worth, that one’s actions and existence are of importance, that you ‘matter’.

• For staff: To feel that gerontological practice is valued and important, that your work and efforts ‘matter’.

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