Welcome to our Leisure Programme

Updated weekly, keep an eye on the goings on at Campion Gardens. Here we pride ourselves on the commitment to those who reside within the village. Our Carehome is dedicated to providing a first class service of care as well as a fun and exciting social calendar with activities to suit everyone. From arm chair yoga to dog therapy, art classes and outings. We enjoy going the extra mile to create an atmosphere of compassion in all that we do. Each month we change and update our social calendar to keep residents stimulated and to include new activities, not forgetting to keep our favourites too!

This Weeks Activities

Hairdressing poster
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Pamper poster Wednesday
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postcards of kindness
balloon games poster
crossword club
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Church service poster


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We cater our care & support services carefully to each individual

At Campion Gardens we take care of what’s important to ensure a rich and healthy life for our residents.